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2016 QX50 Receiver Hitch

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I had mine installed a couple months ago. I tried to install myself but I found that I had to hoist up the car more than I was able to to angle the hitch in.
Curtis is apparently the only hitch company that currently makes one for our 2016's
I don't think this vehicle is intended for any towing...great for sporty running around and quite comfortable highway driving as well. I'm not sure if the transmission is going to last if used for towing...

Anyone else care to share thoughts?
ya no towing for this car. my hitch is so that i can put on a rear hitch bike rack only.
What about a small camper, like a teardrop? I feel like a 1.25 hitch can handle the weight/pull, but you'd need to setup a harness for brake and signal lights. Anyone done that?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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