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I recently purchased a 2016 QX50 base, 33K Miles, Graphite Shadow Color. Great condition. Not many bells and whistles except auto lifting rear seats (which is cool, but not very useful).
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Great Find ! Awesome Color ! Low Miles !

With all the Choices out there ~ What made you go for a 2016 QX50 ?

We'd love to hear what about the QX50 swayed your decision
I started my search for used SUV's with at least 300 HP under $25k at least 2017. I narrowed the choices down to a Ford Explorer Sport and the QX50. Where I live, there is an Explorer in every other driveway, and QX50s are pretty rare. I really like the QX50 style. The reviews were mostly positive. I drive 50 miles one way to work daily, so I need something reliable. With the timing chain, most reviewers are saying this is a 200k vehicle. I've been back and forth for several months. My current car had over 230k miles so I decided to go ahead and get something. Although I wanted 2017, I found the 2016 low mileage and went with it. Last thing, I didn't want 2019 forward. New engine, CVT transmission both scared me. Also the drop in HP was a turn off.
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