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2016 Infiniti QX50 First Drive Review by TFL

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TFL has done a short first drive review of the 2016 Infiniti QX50. It is not very in depth at all, but it does give you the basics. Worth a short read, and the bigger review will come out later.

The Infiniti QX50 is a pint-size crossover SUV that suffered from cramped dimensions and lack of useful cargo space. For the 2016 model year, Infiniti has recognized the QX50’s limitations by adding space everywhere and giving it a minor facelift. Now the compact crossover, which was once known as the EX 35 before someone at Infiniti renamed all their crossovers to QX, is far more useful.
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The 2016 QX50 (in USA spec) is one of three compact CUVs (not SUV) with over 300 HP and rear wheel drive (available with AWD) available in the US.
The other two are Porsche Macan (340 HP) and Jaguar F-Pace (340 HP). These two will cost $10-15K (US) more than the Infiniti, so I considered Qx50 the affordable one.

I did not want a Turbo charged 4 banger like Lexus NX or Audi Q5. Same for Mercedes GLC. The Acura RDX is Front drive and 270 HP (my second choice).

So I bought the 2016 QX50 last October and will just keep driving it. No real complaints except auto mode in the AC doesn't work very well (I just use it in manual mode).
Gas mileage is 20.6 MPG combined.
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