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2015 QX50 How to verify if driver seat belt does work

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Hi, pls tell how to verify if driver seat belt work? The passenger side is easy to test by pulling the belt sharply - it is locked up almost instantly.
But if pulling the driver seat belt sharply, only once in a while the belt is locked up. Worrying if driver seat belt may not work as expected or there is a problem with a retractor, or driver seat belt works fufferently. Maybe, some other ways exist to verify if retractor works properly - pls advise.
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I just hopped in my 2016 and buckled up. I can pull the seatbelt forward relatively quickly, and it does not lock. However, if I jerk on the belt, it will lock immediately. I recall with older vehicles, there was a routine where you would FULLY extend the seat belt, feed it back into the retractor mechanism and then check again. The premise was that fully extending the belt would "reset" anything that was hanging up in the retractor. I HAVE NO IDEA IF THIS WORKS ON OUR VEHICLES, but it certainly would not hurt.

If you still have any concerns your belt is not working, it warrants a trip to the dealer, as it is one of the most important safety features on your vehicle.
Thank you very much, I folliwed your recommendation and if I jerk on the belt it does stop. I did "reset" first (as you said) and now I feel much better - hopefully, everything is OK with the belt. Thanks again!
Drive fast.....then brake hard. If your forehead doesn't hit the windshield, the belts work.
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