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2014 Infiniti QX50 Overview

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So here is what I know about the Infiniti QX50 so far.

The QX50 is not a new model, it simply has a new name because of Infiniti's new naming scheme. All vehicles start with the letter Q and SUVs begin with QX. While the QX50 is not a new model, the renaming gives Infiniti the chance to add in some new features or design at a time of change. So we can all be excited about that possibility.

One likely change is making the Bluetooth standard instead of an option. This is because everyone has a smartphone these days. Similarly, we may see some other options become standard as well, like all-around viw cameras, blind-spot monitoring, and forward collision warning. Probably not all of them, but probably some of them.

Likely nothing new with the engine, but there is always a chance that a hybrid model will be released.

Does anyone have any other details or speculation on the 2014 Infiniti QX50?
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I know there will be a redesigned model that will be consistent with the new design as seen on the Q50 and upcoming Q60, just not sure when...
so a redesign should be due by 2014-2015, the EX started production late 2007 as a 2008 model. a 6-7 year production run seems like enough for me.
So we are thinking next year or the year after for a redesign? I can deal with that. Infiniti has nice cars now, but I think in 3-5 years their design aesthetic will improve and they will have even nicer cars.
I was hoping for an updated EX / QX50 by next year.
So we are thinking next year or the year after for a redesign? I can deal with that. Infiniti has nice cars now, but I think in 3-5 years their design aesthetic will improve and they will have even nicer cars.
It's really not about their design aesthetic improving, it is more about them using their new design language on all of their vehicles. They are rolling out the new language onto each of their vehicles one model at a time.
in 3-5 years time you'll just see slight adjustments made to the new design as seen on the Q30 and Q50 and that's it.
from model to model there will be bigger differences.
Flash Forward 7 years . . . .

All of the above " conjecture " was partially true and came to some form of fruition . . .

But in true Nissan ~ INFINITI fashion ~ slowly, and always a bit behind the Competition.

This Thread falls under the Review Section, and this being 2021 ~ we know there two very distinct QX50s

The First Generation 2008 to 2017 ( with refresh Grille Styling and lengthening for 2016 & 2017 )
The Second Generation 2019 ( 2018 was omitted ) to Present Day

These are two vastly different animals and breed indeed . . .

The First Generation is based on a Sports Sedan RWD Platform . . .

The Second Generation a FWD Platform.

However ~ this Forum really has no distinct " sections " for either generation

On Paper ~ if one searches for an AWD Drive Vehicle with Decent Power ~ the First Generation is such an underrated sleeper and value these days for everything you get.

You won't get a Modern Looking Looking CUV ~ but it is - Unique ~ and it's Performance is undeniable with it's Naturally Aspirated 325 HP Proven Stalwart VQ Reliable V6 ( Correctly mounted like in the good old days ) 3.7 Monster of a Motor

Your 7" Touch Screen will seem like a 2007 Flip Phone that predates the iPhone era that came to be in 2010

I'll start a new thread in this section one day with an in-depth review . . .

I have one on Edmunds titled something like . . . " A 370Z with 4 Doors and Functional Daily Use "

The point of this post is to just point out where the QX50 ( Both Generations ) ended up 7 years after the the Post above . . . Interesting if you think about it . . .

The Second Generation QX50 is assembled in Mexico - has a 4 cylinder - FWD Platform - and is getting whipped by the competition -

The " ALL NEW " 2022 QX55 - a sloping roof lined QX50 finally came to be - but is still just a FWD based 4 Cylinder

As stated above the First Gen QX50 ~ EX ~ EX35 ~ EX37 ~ QX50 is right up there with Porsche Macan and Jaguar F Pace in terms of Power and Performance

On Paper - a later model '16 or '17 QX50 is an absolute Bargain and total Bang for far fewer Bucks

If you can live with dated styling - clown shoe looking - snub nose - 4 door shooting brake aspect of all that it is . . . and isn't -

Well . . . you know what you got - and any reviewer who isn't fully invested in one, and doesn't get a kick out of driving one daily . . doesn't really know what their talking about ~ or did 7 years ago
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