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Im going to break this post down into 2 sections: the car experience and the dealer/Infiniti experience.
I bought this vehicle after a pretty thorough search of all the other CUV type vehicles out there, but I was really under whelmend by the lack of power in all the other offerings. I was downsizing from a MDX but didnt want to really downsize on power. After searching for a couple months I found the QX50 and BOOM! Done. It had most of what I wanted in a new CUV. It was missing a couple little things that I was used to in my MD from 2005 (!) but I could live without those. I now have 38,000 km on the vehicle. I perform regular maintenance and only use premium fuel and synthetic oil.
I dealt with the 2 Infiniti dealers here in the Vancouver area. I got a great price from Morrey Infiniti on a 2015 at their year end clearance incentive sale. I put down a hefty deposit on a particular vehicle. Turns out they couldnt deliver that vehicle and so I got a brand new 2016 for the same price. Bought the extra cross bars, all weather matts and the lifetime oil change for $600.
First off...the factory cross bars on the roof are too close together to be really used for anything. Id recommend getting a Thule cross bar system and move them further apart to be usefull I use my rack for skis in winter and paddle baords in the summer. We can barely fit one pair of our skis inthe racks given how close the cross bars are to each other.
Had to wait a bit to get the rear hitch from a hitch company....Infiniti doesnt have them (or didnt yet when I was wanting it). Had to get it installed as you really need to have it on a hoist to install the hitch. I use it for a rear hitch mounted bike carrier (2 bikes).

There were no real problems until about 6 months in.
1. Heater: We were on a road trip to coastal Oregon and one day it was cold so we turned the heater on. The heater did not work until I set the temp to 32c. With the setting at 31.5c we only got cold air. This isnt a regular occurrence so we cant reliably replicate the issue. No codes are thrown. So theres no issue apparently. The service dept said that they cant do anything about it. I asked them to trouble shoot the problem instead of taking the easy way, and direct quote from the service manager: "Chris there are over 400 systems in you expect me to check every one of them?"
2. AC: The AC seems to go on on its own when I havent turned it on. Infiniti has said that the AC is ALWAYS ON! but then they said afterwards that I should just turn the AC on and off many times until it doesnt come on again. This was identified with the heat issue about. Insert: You expect me to check 400 systems comment from service manager.
3. Transmission: Ive noticed as the car has aged that the transmission is going through the gears in a rather inefficient manner. When pulling away from a light, under acceleration obviously, the transmission will be in the wrong gear by as much as 2 gears. I have monitored this and note that when pulling away from a light, I can be in 5th gear at 11-1200 rpm by 48 kmh. the engine lags. If I put my foot into it a bit more it it picks up by dropping 2 gears. No codes are thrown, there is no updated mapping for the transmission, therefore there is no issue, Inifiniti advises that this is a fuel efficiency item and theres nothing wrong with the tranny.
I recently took the QX in for some other service (see additional service item below) and they gave me a QX30 to drive. No issue at all with the transmission lagging. weird. I guess it just needs to be broken in.
4. Power steering: The power steering coller was warped and had to be replaced. I had originally called to set up an appointment with Morrey Infiniti to have the whining noise checked out. The service rep tried to diagnose over the phone and in fact said that the noise is normal! I booked an appointment with Open Road Infiniti instead as they offered a non patronizing response and booked me in straight away. They replaced the cooler and some lines and some gaskets. all was good.
5. Follow up to Power steering: There is no some more whining that is random and happens in small amounts. They checked the codes and took it for a test spin and couldnt find anything. So the problem doesnt exist. Service manager said that I have to wait for the car to blow up to bring it in since they cant road test replicated the issue and theres no codes. Obviously internal damage was done to the power steering assembly but theres no codes.
6. Traction Control: The traction control light started to come on and stay on....not flicker as it does when its engaging but always on as when the traction control is physically turned off. But again this is random and cannot be replicated on command and again theres no codes being thrown. Open Road Inifiiti tested this and said there was a battery issue with the light (?) and that there are no codes thrown and of course their road test could not replicate the issue. Drove it home and it happened again. The light on is indicating that the traction control is not on, as I gave it a bit in the snow here and noted that not traction control was in operation (which i prefer actually...but anyway its still a fault in the system). Spoke with the Service manager again and was told that without a code or without them being able to replicate it that I would have to wait for it to totally fail 100% of the time before they did anything.
7. Minor thing: Paint. We have a bunch of light scuff scratches on the vehicle and they really cheaped out on the paint on this vehicle. A normal scratch on any other car that would mark the clear coat but be able to be buffed out, on this car turns into a paint scratch down to the base. I have a silver car and there are so many scratches down to the base...which is black. I think that they may have only put 1 or maybe 2 coats of paint on this. Its not deeep at all and not even close to what I have on other vehicles.
With all the issues Ive had in the short time Ive owned this vehicle i can say that Infiniti corporate sucks. When dealing with the transmission issue, without even speaking with them and my first dealing with the transmission, Infiniti Canada advised that they wouldn't be doing anything about the transmission and that if it didnt like it i should call consumer affairs! wow!
The dealers indicate that Infiniti corporate dictate that warranty repairs are to be verifiable by their techs only. I have owned Acuras (Love their service!), many Hondas (still do and love them too), Mazda (meh), Porsche (spendy but they take care of you), Ford (not so good). Ford is better than Infiniti for service treatment. I am so disappointed in the after sales experience with much that Ive tried to sell my car but no takers yet. I should have bought the RDX. With my 10 yo MDX I was given numerous updates with items that they fixed on their dime, and they would replace items that I identified without any problem. I had a brand new Civic many years ago and there was this random "twang" coming from the front end. It could never be reproduced by the techs, and there were no codes. Honda called me and said almost exactly: "Chris youve identified this before as an issue a couple times and we havent been able to identify it ... so what we will do it replace your entire front end (steering and suspension) under warranty". Yes they said that! Infiniti says: "Wait until it totally fails and blows up and we will be able to do something".
The $600 lifetime oil change: This is probably specific to this dealer. Seems good hey! Well its for regular oil only. Once a year. So you take it in for your oil change and they charge you only $80 instead of $150. So i got my money back on that item.
I will NEVER buy another Infiniti. The car is a lemon and the after sales warranty is a complete and total sham when compared to Acura/Honda. hopefully this is a one off and others dont have as many issues as I do with mine.
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