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Several Electronic issues not getting fixed

I bought a new QX50. It's been plagued with several electrical/computer issues since i bought it over a year ago.
1) Round view camera and alarm comes on randomly flashing /rotating view on screen. Happens when I'm driving with no cars close by. Incredibly distracting and almost caused an accident when it freaked me out and I veered out of my lane on fwy going 60 mph. Computer / test doesn't identify any issues. In Dec the dealer kept the car for 2 weeks and finally saw the issue during a test drive but computer still didn't identify anything so they replaced the around view sensor. Issue returned a couple months ago and dealer says they don't see any issues and won't repair
2) crash detection /alarm comes on randomly with no cars in front of me and slams brakes. Almost got rear ended twice. Car brakes automatically engaged while I was going 65 mph on freeway barely avoided accident. Complained about this issue when I brought it in for the above issue. Dealer can't find any issues with testing. Won't repair.
3) Car seat randomly won't advance forward and gets stuck in far back position. Since I can't reach the pedals I have to keep a pillow in my car so i can reach pedals. This means my head isn't against the seat which concerns me with the above issues in case i get in an accident. Computer/test doesn't identify any issues but i drove it into the dealer with it actively broken and they still didn't want to fix it since the seat position reset eventually.
4) Automatic door lock/unlock via handle occasionally doesn't work.
With all these issues I'm concerned/pissed that I might have a lemon. Local dealer doesn't seem to want to troubleshoot and relies solely on test results. Consumer affairs is awful and doesn't seem to want to offer solutions to fix my car merely said they could open a buy back request but the same issue has to be repaired 4 times. Well they aren't repairing anything!! Is my only recourse to hire a lawyer and sue through lemon law or wait until i get in an accident and sue infiniti? It's a shame because i really like the car if it weren't for the safety and reliability issues. Thanks for any advice and curious if others are having similar issues?
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